Wednesday, September 26, 2007

selamat berpuasa, polis...but why are you still 'eating' up my $$$?? cut the story short - my sister got into anaccident just last week...a huge truck/lorry rammed into her Atos and dragged it for a few metres (the driver didn't even realised that until all the cars honked him to stop)...needless to say, our fragile little Atos was damaged...not that it's beyond repair lah..but still, it's damaged pretty badly....a police report was made and yesterday, a police officer called up my sister and said, " come to my office la...i got something to discuss with you..."

so today, she went to see the police officer at the police station and guess what, he said my sister kena saman for RM300 for the accident...he insisted that it was my sister's fault that the lorry langgar her wor...and that it's a terribly 'difficult' case to handle and will need to settle in court wor...unless of course, he 'help' us out by you know what lah...duit kopi.

the best part's expected bah. i mean, these policemen are so bloody predictable. can't they come up with something new so we won't be able to guess their intentions??

2 years ago (when i was still in UTAR), a motorbike came out of nowhere (Section 17 junction outside uni) and banged the front of my car. he broke his leg (from the fall) and i sent him to the hospital. and made a police report. i had a friend with me as a witness that i DID NOT ran into the bike but for some reasons, the police decided to saman me. they said, "you kereta besar...dia motosikal...patutlah you salah...besar langgar kecil...besar salah lah...tak boleh argue punya..."

ok, besar langgar kecil = besar salah. fair. i'd buy that. but now lorry langgar atos. which is bigger?? how is it that my sister's at the wrong then? *scratch head*

and guess what, that was also during the puasa month leh. and the police officer also called me up on my mobile to 'invite me to meet him so we could discuss'...he also tried very hard to scare me with the so called 'court case if i don't pay my saman or settle with duit kopi'...even when i told him to just send the saman over to my pg house address, he refused saying that i need to pay my saman at his police station since the accident happened in his area...which is ridiculous! want coffee money say lah......sial. what i did was, i played dumb when he asked for duit kopi. that worked well.

so yeah...i don't know if this is good for discussion. corruption in this country is an open secret anyway. and hell i don't know why our dear beloved PM refuses to acknowledge it and DO something about it like he said he will. am just pissed right now. hence, this post.



L.W.Jau Yn said...

Maybe we should record these conversations as evidence of corruption adn cucuk the the police back.Haha...

ViViEnNe said...

yaya..shud record..anyway,i think d way playing dumb is sooooooooo genius!!!!heheh...or maybe ,v cud scare them off MORE pretending that,u knw,hv connection or knwledge..wtever i prefer TEACHING them d proper a..wtever...hehe..


it's kinda tough to get back at the police..'cos even if you report them to the superiors, you'd probably get stabbed back as most of the 'big heads' up there are as corrupted!

my sister took the saman...but trust me, it can be discounted...our police are that cheap...can you belive it?

125z Rider said...

Biasalah sudah 50 tahun merdeka. One of my relation is a cop and from what I know is that if your are given a summon just wait till your called up to the court and then you argue about what happen and your summon will be discounted. Then you can pay less. On the past few days, I have been reading news such as "BPR tahan pegawai polis dengan harta (sorry forgot the figure but sure biglah).

"Policeman charged for bribe"
The news headlines clearly shows the mentality of our PDRM.

Back to your sisters case. To me people are being freaked out by the police just by saying "JUMPA DI MAKAMAH". And you know what it it better to go to the court if your not at fault and argue. Some people are willing to pay the bribe bacause they tend to think that it is a waste of time to aruge with the police, waste time by wanitng for the summon and need to go to a police station and pay the summon. All this is kerja letih lah!. Hehehe I think this is what the others think.
Ish! Tan Sri Musa buat lah sesuatu. Malaslah the people in the goverment. Nak kata gaji tak naik bukan, dah naik gila babi. Then what is the problem. Yalah have children like a nursery sure won't have enough money, have 1 wife but plenty of mistress. Very goodlah. Then why whey will not ask bribe. Before I end I just want to say we must know our rights and not all the polise force are corrupted. There are police who are strict and polite with citizen. Its just that we just dont get to see and meet them. I have met some of them they are not so corrupted as we think they are.

Carmen N said...

I have ONLY ONE thing to say:

REPORT the rasuah. Report the rasuah. Write down date, time, police station, name of officer. REPORT the rasuah. At another police station since that would be better for your own safety and security. BUT REPORT IT!!!

Please tell your sis to report it Cheryl. EVEN IF she believes the superiors are corrupt, it is her moral duty to REPORT it. WHY? Because the problem with Msians is that too many of us think that it is a hassle to report but if all of us DO NOT report then there will be no record of it.

Fear is not an option. REPORT is one step. If you report, then teach others how to report and tell them that it is not as bad you think, then more will report. When more report and the statistics are staggering or there for the media to publish, there will be investigation or at the very least, an outcry from the public and then an investigation.

If you don't report, no one will know, media cannot report, and nothing can be done because it is an incident that technically *DID NOT* happen because no report.


Please tell your sis to read this blog. It may take up your time and is inconvenient but if you don't report, then NEVER EVER complain about the police and their rasuah because in effect, you are a witness to crime (Rasuah) but you did nothing.

To me, that also makes you complicit in perpetuating the cycle of rasuah.

Sorry to be harsh but I am really tired of people telling me they experience rasuah but then they did not report.

Sharwin is right, you have to know your rights. The moment we Msians fear the police and let them trample over our rights, then no point living in this country lah. Just be a ghost citizen.

REclaim this nation. REPORT crimes against ordinary citizens. MAKE THE POLICE ACCOUNTABLE. This is one step towards making a difference.

And I totally agree with Sharwin, not all cops are corrupt or take bribes. By reporting the bad ones, then the good ones will have a chance to get promoted and get more pay because those who have too many reports against them will NOT get BONUSES or INCREMENT. They will directly get the message that bribery is wrong and HOPEFULLY, never do it again.

WE MUST believe that people will change but they never will if we don't send them the message loud and clear.

suesin23 said...

wah.. this is too much.. they are abusing their power and they picked as the victim to get them what they want.. i agree with Carmen.. go and report the bribe.. they should be punish.. if nt, this will make them more daring.. Go go go.. report.. i totally agree with this..

Michelle said...

Hmmm.. I guess one of the few reasons why people don't want to report cases such like RASUAH is because it's a lot of hassle... I agree but then again it's not like you're gonna need 24 hours to do it anyway (Maybe la but not all mar).. I've experienced and have been in similar incidences and I was thinking 'what the heck la!' so I didn't report... And guess what?! I kena again lar!!!
So I guess ppl SHOULD actually go thru the hassle and get it over with.. Even though it's going to be just a statistic but have you heard of 'sedikit sedikit lama lama jadi bukit'? Complaints, reports, letters and what-nots can't be ignored in the long run... I bet someone out there (Some top cop guy maybe...)is trying to do something to change things around too...
So yeah.. Go thru ALL the TROUBLE, HASSLE, 'MA FAN-NESS' cos you'll be surprised maybe, perhaps you'll see that justice will be served!

An example of the 'ma-fan-ness' :
You're stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the police station, when you're there, not even a parking space in sight! When you finally found 1, you entered the station, took a number but actually there are 165 ppl in front you waiting too... You ended up waiting for 4 hours but then you got to your turn. Then the officer looked at you and said, 'Oh, this is out of our jurisdiction and you're supposed to go to another station and not this one.'
Hah! So THEN what you do? Promise me don't throw tantrums and cause a commotion la..
Don't make this a lame excuse to NOT report... It's always the case that if there's an obstruction to doing something therefore we think we're not supposed to do it right? But wrong! I've done that before! Hahahaha... So yeah... Pretty long comment... Bottomline : REPORT!!!

amy2kyo said...

What's been said were running through my brain cells and this is what I can add. :P

Themain thing is take down their numbers that sticking out in silver on their uniforms and report them.

If you have enough time, turn on the video-recording in your handphone or camera but don't make it so obvious. At least you have evidence to point them down.

That's all lah. Hehe.


my sister paid the fine... i've tried asking how to go about reporting corrupt policemen...and guess what...they don't even want to entertain me...they just give me that look and laugh...

amy2kyo said...

laughed? they must have thinking "report corrupt policemen? you've got to be kidding me!" oh well, how do we stand for own rights now?

Carmen N said...

How to Report Corrupt Officers:

During the bribery in progress, as Amy says, take down their ID no., which is the tag on their uniforms. Usually, there is also a NAME. Take that down but no. is more important just in case there is more than one guy with that name. You never know.

Then note down the DATE, TIME, AMOUNT OF BRIBE BEING ASKED. Also note the nature of the offence, what the officer tells you you have done wrong. Note down place of incident too.

WHATEVER YOU DO... DO NOT PAY THE BRIBE LAH.. If you pay, then you may get counter charged! haahhaha...

Then go to the nearest police station or any police station in the same state and lodge a report.

DO NOT ask the police personnel, how to lodge a report of corrupt cop... just SAY that you want to make a report and be FIRM about it. Even if they laugh, so WHAT? Don't tell me a little laughter and you are going to give up? Sheeesh...

If they WON'T HELP YOU then take down the officer's name and ID No. and police station address (area where it is at) and then go to another police station and lodge a report against BOTH the bribing guy AND also the officer who REFUSED TO HELP!

Whatever you do, make sure you report. Someone is bound to help you but if no-one will, then assert yourself and say that it is your MORAL DUTY to report. Insist that it is YOUR RIGHT AS A CITIZEN to report.

Guarantee they will not turn you away. Make two reports--one against the briber and another against the officer and the POLICE STATION that refused to help.

Then, after you are done, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A COPY of the report--you have to pay RM2 to get a copy but it is NECESSARY TO HAVE ONE to cover your ass later.

After that, if you still have the energy, write a long letter to the media explaining what happened to you and how easy or hard it was to report corruption! Let them know you mean business and let this be a heboh issue in the media so that people in high places will realize that anti-rasuah is all talk.

State NAMES of officers, ID Nos. in your letter to the editor. Don't be afraid. It is your right and no-one can do anything to you.

And write to more than one newspaper because some might not print your story.

Good luck!!

KahJoon said...

yes, use the media as your leverage. the police will move their asses when u treaten to go public. after they take down ur report, go public also to highlight the difficulties in lodging reports against corrupt policemen. if i'm not mistaken, the direct phone numbers of the state police chief officers could be found on the net, try contacting them, action surely would be taken 1..if not they use brain abit la..say u will go public if the CPO dont do anything..haha

125z Rider said...

Will the papers publish this? I dunnolah. Someone who knows about our press please tell me?

ViViEnNe said...

omg..d way dr carmen putting it is kinda funny..haha..anyway,come to the end,it is to report...stand in unity it what we discussed in class...