Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i'm homesick.

sorry if this post is a bit out of place. but am feeling really homesick right now.

been here in s'pore for almost a week. went room hunting today and i felt so depressed lah. a common room at HDB flat can easily cost an arm and a leg. nope, don't think i wanna pay $500/rm1000+ for such a small corner really. back in malaysia, that amount of money can easily settle a house or car loan! *gasp* i miss malaysia. sigh. where everything's cheap. or at least, cheaper :-p

well, my experience in dubai couple of weeks ago sorta made me appreciate my own country more these days. when i came back, i told myself that i shan't complain about the haze here in malaysia since i get sandstorm every day in uae. and i shan't complain about the rats and cockroaches that terrorize our terrace houses since there wasn't any when i desperately wanted one (or two) to keep me company in dubai. yep, it was that boring. and dead. their world is colorless bah.

and if you think the punishment for rape in malaysia is ridiculously lame, try emirates. it's only max 3 years. and that is IF you can prosecute the culprit(s). mind you, under the syariah law, the victim must produce 3(correct me if i'm wrong) male witnesses. that's one of the reasons i came back -- i freaked out. haha.

i love malaysia. can't wait to be home. feel like crying whenever i see SingTel displayed on my mobile. i really do prefer seeing the word - Maxis.



Esther said...

Well, I am in Singapore too. I can't deny the feeling of homesick when I first came over here. Not only that, having to adjust to life here, different culture, people, lifestyle.....got me a bit drained out. But, after 1 and a half year here, life isn't that bad anymore. People here are nice, actually (far from what we think - that they are snobbish).

Renting rooms is always the issue for us, from Malaysia. I totally agree with you that I would not want to pay such a price for a room smaller than my Malaysia's house kitchen. Land.....not enough land, unless they can try reclaiming more.

Anyway, nice to meet you. And mind if I ask what are you currently doing in Singapore? Studying?



am with the SIA now :-) you are right...singapore and singaporeans are WAY better than they're potrayed on tv etc. etc...people here are very friendly and it's cool having a city without smoke and pollution...when i was in kl, i could barely walk across the road without having to cover my mouth and nose (thanks to dust)...

i'm slowly getting used to this place...but like i say, despite having the usual 'grass greener over the other side' thingy, i still love and miss malaysia very much...nothing beats home...

Carmen N said...

I agree! I have a very VERY good pal who is Singaporean, currently a literature professor at NUS. We were housemates back in the USA, where we were studying for our doctorates. She is a really kick ass awesome person and after meeting her and a ton of other Singaporeans, I think we definitely should not generalize. :-)

But I do wonder if the Spore govt is as repressive as people say they are. I know that a LOT of Sporeans are willing to put up with the repression if it means life is good, prosperous, streets are clean and safe, no corruption, efficient govt admin.

So, my question is: if our country is repressive, oppressive, suppressive but we get all the things we *want* -- specifically wealth, health, safety-- then are we going to be HAPPY?

I've always wondered about this. Maybe it will make a good CT exam question! hahahahahah