Saturday, September 22, 2007

CCTV: Are they working?

Today on the news, a new topic was introduced. Are the CCTV in some shops really working? Maybe some really do but the ones which are working properly are the ones in famous buildings. According to Datuk Christopher, the shops now have fixed CCTV just to fill in the requirments of the insurance company. Even if the CCTV is working, the recording is not clear because no proper mantainence for the CCTV. How can the authority seek for clue to solve a case. Sometimes in crime investigation the CCTV recording can be the most important evidence. In Altantulya's case the CCTV recording was a total disaster and the recording was so bad that they had to move it out from the evidence list. But why are there some businessmen/women dont care about this things and why?
In Malaysia the reason to fix a CCTV is to make criminals scared. Hello! Criminals are way cleaver than some others. Lets say someone creates a super dupper alarm for a car but a criminal will find a way to break the alarm and it will be a sucess. There owner of the CCTV should take some things into consideration and not just think of themselves. Finally there are some specific rules for the CCTV fixing and I hope that this will not be another "Malaysia Boleh" faliure thing.

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