Thursday, December 6, 2007

priviledge huh? Vote them OUT!

some moron(s) was quoted saying, "BN doesn't need indian and chinese votes to secure a 2/3 seats.."

hmm...sounds familiar. i think i've heard this before. but no, it didn't come from the same fella. and i'm not surprised that we always discover new morons every five years...especially before the election. the whole pre-election days are so drama and wayang bah...first they cover pit holes on the this and that...butter up to some of the fellow citizen (that are deemed useful to secure their votes) by announcing more maternity leave, increase of pay and incentives...yadayada...what's new? life's getting boring...

and for penang, as you can see, they are probably thinking that we the penangites would appreciate the sudden attention and development plans that they have in store for us - bridge & PGCC...and of course, the fact that they might benefit from the undercounter tenders out of the projects...unchecked, unquestioned, unsuspected...NOT!

there have been many hiccups...more so during Pak Lah's tenure as PM...the man who gave us hope...the man who promised us an accountable government...uncorrupted and transparent...the man who walked in with a huge & promising tagline : don't work for me, work WITH me........and guess what? this is the same man who said and did nothing when the AP issue was raised!...the same faces are still around...there are many more...the list goes on and's almost never ending!...what's new? malaysia boleh bah...

the government is desperate for votes, that i am sure. hence, i won't pay too much attention to the hindraf or other similar demonstrations. all these can be just another 'wayang' to fish for votes. to 'spice things up' before elections. to create tension and then conveniently point finger at the opposition for the cause of it. don't you see the cycle? it's like a loop. it happens every five years. it's so damn predictable!

and back to the remark...well, if you seriously think you don't need indian & chinese votes to win the election, think doubt, we're not the majority. and we do not hold special priviledges and yes, our citizenship maybe a 'priviledge' not a 'right' as you put it...and yes, it's good to make remarks like, 'cina balik cina/china' once in a the end of the day, a fact remains a fact - we hold the key to the country's economy...blooming or otherwise.

our citizenship may be a 'priviledge'. your share of the 'cake' is ALSO a priviledge. we are merely doing you a sharing the god damn cake.

haven't you heard? the chinese are like the jews...we can survive any the saying goes, "wherever the sunlight touches, you can find a chinese" it's your priviledge to have us here to give you our cake.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Right or Privilege

recently there's this Hindraf thing that sparked the outrage of the govt and malaysian alike. Datuk Seri Ali Rustam recommended that the leaders of Hindraf be stripped off their citizenship.

first of all. i wan to make clear that i do not support what Hindraf had done. they deserve to be punished but not to the extent of stripping their citizenship.

i am of the opinion that citizenship for someone born in that country is a right and not a privilege. no one can take away a person's rights. if their citizenship is stripped, then there's no difference to denying them basic human rights.

so what say you guys?