Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On Namewee & Negarakuku.

how do we define "patriotism", really? the love for one's country is pretty much subjective to begin with, isn't it?

for me, patriotism is simply about accepting its flaws and beauty...seeing our country...our people...and our history as it is...without veils...without hypocrisy...without fear...and most importantly, without denial... that is the true spirit of patriotism.

surely, there's more to patriotism than just the usual know-how of singing our national anthem...more so, the manner of our singing...

we have walked half a century together, believing that we're a united and progressive nation... if that's true, then a rap song such as this certainly would not stand a chance at "threatening" national security now, would it?...unless of course, we are standing on egg shells and that everything's been a delusion all this while, i doubt our 'egg' will break to rap songs...


KahJoon said...

i dont agree that the rap song will threaten national security. what i am concerned with is the respect shown towards our national anthem and patriotism/ love towards our country.

first of all the national anthem is sacred and should not be toyed around. yes, creativity is good but not on the national anthem. it should not be changed.

second on patriotism and love for the country. well, let me ask u something. u love ur parents and ur gf/bf rite? do u blatantly talk bad about them? u said that we should accept the flaws of our country. yes i agree with that but do we need to trumpet it out? y not just accept it as it is and not talk bout negative stuff? its better if we could come up with ways/solution to improve on the flaws? singing about the flaws dont help u know..

u said "surely, there's more to patriotism than just the usual know-how of singing our national anthem...more so, the manner of our singing"

i admit patriotism is more than that but u forgot..the know-how of singing and the manner of singing our national anthem is part of patriotism..

thats my piece of opinion..feel free to rebuff me.

KahJoon said...
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in this country where freedom of speech doesn't exist, do you honestly believe that we or concerned citizens like Namewee can voice their solutiions or ideas on how to improve our country eg. ways to fight corruption? the authorities or government will only shove it back at our face & say there isn't corruption to begin with! true, singing about the flaws may not help and it may seem disrespectful, but it is afterall a way to create awareness and voice out.

i don't see any point at arguing about what is patriotism or how to be i said, it is subjective. it differs from one person to another.

all i can say here is, the beauty of the song (or anything sensitive about the country written in other ways) lies not in the language, BUT the message.

in the end of the day, it is what the message holds or tells us that is important. it is how the message will affect us that is important. NOT how it is written, sung etc etc.

thank you.