Wednesday, September 19, 2007

mind our maps. and language.

see anything wrong yet?

well, if you zoom in to this, then yes.
check out the size of borneo and the size of peninsula...
some people would argue it's because of size constraints, the advertisors tend to squeeze it in. maybe... btw, this is a takaful ad outside 1-utama. i think it's still there.

i put this up 'cos i know no one's gonna argue it's cos of ad constraints anymore. this is a map found outside terengganu airport by the tourism ministry as well as its state government.
no wonder our tourists are a confused lot when it comes to facts about malaysia. even the locals are equally guilty of that.
so, please, borneo or east malaysia is a lot bigger than this.
and for those who think east malaysia means kelantan and terengganu, *slap*! wake up!
kelantan and terengganu are east coast lah...remember the difference!

the beauty of bahasa translation!
workshop = woksyop
psst, anyone wants a wok?

here's another one...reserved = rezab.


amy2kyo said...

The first illustration is darn biased!!! How can the size of Sabah & Sarawak be smaller than Peninsula??? I'm so gonna sue Takaful Malaysia! Cheryl, you should post this to The Star and claim that 50bux! Haha :D

Woksyop. Nice translation! The word "rezab" got me thinking. The correct one should be "rizab". Now, I've forgot my knowledge in BM, used to be good in it in Form 6. Desperately need my Tatabahasa Dewan right now! [grrrr]

Anyway, what I wanted to say is, the vocal "e" represents the Bahasa Melayu Lama. Vocal "i" is Bahasa Melayu Moden.


heheh...not interested in The bf works there and i'm sick of it...hahahaha...shhhhh! ;-)