Wednesday, February 27, 2008

They were not sorry

On a usual morning, JacQ had an unusual experience. Whilst munching away her burger in the car, she heard an ear ringing bang which was later followed by the shaking of her car. Snapping her head towards the direction of the bang, she heard the driver of the car parked next to her gasping. JacQ saw the embarrassed passenger at the back seat looking at her for a second before getting down the car. She closed the door quickly and did not take another look at JacQ, which JacQ was anticipating. To JacQ’s surprise and shock, both the girls started giggling (as if the most hilarious thing just happened) and walked away.

It was a loud bang, not a gentle touch of doors. Perhaps she had no spatial intelligence that enabled her to estimate the space between her car and mine. Who on earth would open the car door with such a big swing when the space was obviously so narrow.

It seems that either common courtesies such as apologies did not occur as a necessity to the girls, or they found that giggling and walking off was the appropriate way to be sorry over someone else’s pain. Then again, it wasn’t the first time I had to endure people not apologizing. It seems to be the trend set these days like the afro and the bell-bottom pants back in the 70’s; only now being rude does not give you sexual appeal like the afro did back in the day.

So it comes down to a question, is it that hard to apologize for damaging someone’s property, especially when the owner is there? It is understandable if they were shy and therefore they scurried away. I would still have been mad, but not as bothered in comparison to them giggling off. Maybe cute giggles could get them away with guys, and probably some girls, but it was shocking how they could just shrug the issue off. I had already refrained from getting down the car to save the situation from getting uglier, but as their senior, I cannot shrug off the attitude they carried as easily as they did with their actions.

As much as there is no point in being angry over the girls anymore, it just struck me about the modern mindset and society - people are less friendly (or more like the society has made it dangerous to be too friendly with others), less caring and definitely a lot less sharing. Do we all think that such degree of rudeness is a trait born of modern civilization? Or it is just that that the girls have a lack of “face” and need someone to swollen it up a bit with a punch or two. Or those who keep their cool are always taken for granted?

You tell me.


KahJoon said...

wow, such rude ppl they are..

if i were you, i would get down from the car, inspect the damage and demand compensation d.

the thing that aggravates the pain is seeing them giggling away..not even a word of sorry..

what has happened to our youths today..sighz..

amy2kyo said...

yeah, i would do the same as kah joon mentioned. and also mock a fierce face. they can't just escape with stupid smiles. grrr! so uncivilised.