Saturday, February 2, 2008

In times of desperation

According to our prime minister, in terms of overall competitiveness, our country is ranked 8th out of the 53 countries included in the research done by IMD, one of the world's reknown business schools.


However, if you prowl around the internet, you'll notice that Malaysia is actually ranked 23 out of the 53 countries. In fact, the only reason why we're ranked 8th is because of the clause "of countries with a population of more than 20 million".

Now why don't we just say that in the category of countries WITH a population of 27 million people, we're NO.1!


This reminds me of last year's THES university ratings when none of our universities were included in the top 200, we casually decided that the criteria used for evaluation does not suit us and so we pit ourselves against the system used in Turkey instead where we conveniently ranked 11th if I'm not mistaken.

What a way to boost one's self image!


Gilgamesh said...

Hmmmm... Do I smell self-denial here? Hahaahaha.. This is so typical Malaysia...

I guess M'sia just don't want to look 'not nice' to the rest of the world, so it sorta snakes around and play with what they have... hahahaha.. lame..

well, i always thought that rather than covering for their own ass, might as well think of a way to boost what Kenny said, self-image, am I right? better to channel all those resources to figure out a solution for whatever issue M'sia is facing..

We need more critical thinking people in our government! Period. :)

Kenny Chan said...

Haha... But critical thinkers in our government don't last long. You'll be too much of a threat to those dungu-s upstairs.

125z Rider said...

Kenny chan, can you give me the name of a person who has been a critical thinker in our goverment? If you are a critical thinker will you not find a way to evade the threats.

Another question, its an open question actually,

When the statictis say that the population of malaysia is more than 20 million, does it include the imigrants also and those who do not have ic or even birth certificate but are born in malaysia and are Malaysians. Lets think!

Kenny Chan said...

hi 125z rider,

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is one of the critical thinkers in our gov. At one point, he was even fighting with Mahathir for the no.1 post but look where he is now. Some even suggested to Badawi that Razaleigh be made deputy prime minister so that he can act as a mentor to Badawi and guide him on issues related to economics and finance as Razaleigh is really experienced and knowledgeable in that sector.

It's one thing to be able to dodge attacks. It's another to lose the support of your party. By then, no matter how brilliant you are, you are finished.

Regarding your question on the reported population of Malaysia, I don't think it includes imigrants and unregistered persons. Instead this figure is obtained from the 'banci' that is done door to door every few years or so.

Gilgamesh said...
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Gilgamesh said...

I don't know if anyone has heard this...

it's a Chinese saying : You have to be cunning to be a corrupt official, but in order to be a good official, you have to be MORE cunning.. If you're not, then how are you to fight against those corrupt officials?

So I guess, if you're a critical thinker, you have to find ways to safe your ass as well as doing good for the people when you're working for the gov. right?

I'm not sure if you'll be branded as one of those bad ppl by doing this but it's one of the ways to not be finished in the business... hahahahaha..

Kenny Chan said...

Hi Gilgamesh,

Unfortunately, human by nature is greedy. If someone is brilliant enough to evade attacks by others who may perceive him as a threat while maintaining his position of power and eradicating the corrupt majority of his peers at the same time; he would most likely come up with some scheme where he can 'kelepet' the countries coffers big time.

Unless he is one of those brilliant GOOD ones which comes every once in a blue moon when the planets align and the Haley's comet shines upon our country that we'll get one. An example would be Tun Hussein Onn