Sunday, February 3, 2008

Paying for rain - Only in Malaysia *updated*

For all of you who don't know, we here in Selangor actually have to pay for the usage of rainwater. The local water authorities (LUAS) have issued a circular demanding that all water from the land (air permukaan) which includes rivers, lakes and ponds which originates from rain to be charged a tariff for its usage. The usage rates is RM0.01 per cubic metre.

So say if I were to install a rainwater collection tank on my roof, I'll be charged RM0.01 per cubic metre to use it. What nonsense!

Why on earth do we have to pay for something from nature? It is different from where the local water authorities set up a reservoir and provide a steady supply of water to our homes. In that case, we are paying for the convenience. However, here, we are being asked to pay for nothing in return.

But wouldn't that be nice for them? Just sitting there and waiting for the money to come in. Daylight robbery in it's truest sense.

So what next? Will they charge us for the air we breathe next? Say... RM0.01 per cubic metre as well?

The moment you think that you've seen all the atrocities in the world, they come up with something new and surprise you. What ingenuity!

We really live in Bolehland don't we.

"Semuanya OK!"

The authorities have responded to this issue, citing that the reason for the charges are to "protect water sources".


They are afraid that if we use TOO MUCH of water from natural sources, we'll interupt the hydrology cycle. What nonsense!

If they wanted to ensure that the cycle isn't interupted, they could have just monitored the usage and issue warnings IF the cycle is affected. This reason hardly justifies why we need to be charged at ALL for using these natural sources of water.

And besides, when we use these water, it goes down the drain... back into the river... so what's the problem? The only problem I see is the water authorities trying to 'songlap' our money


125z Rider said...

Do i have to pay if i collect a bucket of water?

Kenny Chan can you pleaseshow the link where did you get the information so that more of us can read up.

Kenny Chan said...

see the bottom right of the entry. I've linked the source there.

Gilgamesh said...

Erm.. what happens to all those 'air permukaan'? do they go through a process of filtering so the ppl can use it?

where do we get those water anyway? not from the reservoirs right?

so if Selangor says u have to pay.. then what the other states? oh my God!!!! Most probably, it's gonna happen real soon right?

Kenny Chan said...

Hi gilgamesh,

First u'll have to pay RM150 for the license or whatsoeva, then they'll come to your source to install a meter.

This has been going on for a few years now but it's only for commercial. They're paying RM0.05 per cubic metre. They're trying to implement this for domestic users too with the RM0.01 per cubic metre rate.

It's not gonna happen real soon, it's happening now. They've issued the circular already. Dunno how they're gonna go about it though.

Read the Sun yesterday. It seems their motives for implementing such a system was to protect the environment from 'overusage' of natural sources of water as 'overusage' can cause environmental hazards.

But if that's the case, why don't they just monitor the usage? Why charge a fee for using it as well?

Someone somewhere must have 'songlap' some money as usual. Otherwise, noone in their right minds would implement such a stupid system. *sigh*

Carmen N said...

Hmmm... according to the Sun piece that I read last week, this seems to be a new rule implemented by LUAS for golf courses and resorts.

But you are right that it is only a matter of time before this gets implemented for private homes as well. The only way for it not to happen is for us to create awareness and to protest if it does come to pass.

Let's not forget that there has been plans mooted to privatize water nationally as well. This will eventually mean that we will have to pay more for our water as well.

Although, I cannot say that is an altogether bad move since I think too many people waste water and if they had to pay more, they would be forced to think twice before wasting this precious resource.

Alternatively, there could be water smuggling! hahahaha... I can see it now... tons of people secretly putting out pails and buckets to collect rain water and then selling it for less than market price... we can all be entrepreneurs then... :-)