Wednesday, February 20, 2008

can malaysians vote from abroad?

i can't go back for elections and i'm just wondering if we can vote from the embassies or do postal voting...called and wrote to the SPR but they never gave me a good clear straight forward answer...instead, they took me on a 'tour'...anyway, lets just skip that part shall we?

a friend of mine who's from the media told me, "only military personnel, students, staff of embassies and high commissions and their spouses can vote from abroad...anyone else outside those groups who are overseas must come back...they also said that emergency service personnel could apply through their organisations to do postal voting"

i've searched all around for more information on postal voting...but there's none...not even on the SPR i'm just trying my luck here...whether anyone of you have done postal voting before or has any idea how to go about doing it?

thanks. and happy voting! (for those of you who can vote)

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KahJoon said...

ur friend from the media got it exactly right..if u're not in the groups mentioned by ur fren then sorry u can't vote..u have to come back..