Sunday, November 16, 2008

Revolusi Jakarta 98

The year 1998 was a chaotic year for Indonesia. The nation which was ruled by Suharto faced financial crisis and Suharto's government was full of corruption. University students and other who were dissatisfied had held massive protests against the government. The nation was at the state of war when military forces were brought in to handle the situation.

There was massive killing done by the army and there were 3 major incident which had cause the revolution of Indonesia.
1)Tragedi Trisakti
2) Tragedi Semanggi 1
3) Tragedi Semanggi 2

Students very much like us, fought against live bullets, rubber bullets and tear gas just for changes.They fought so that they and the future generation can have a better life. There has to be sacrifices in order to gain or achieve something. Taken example from Indonesia, from May till December 1998, thousands of students died but the struggle did not stop. Students like you and me, not poor either rich wanted a fair and balanced government, a government which will fulfill all their needs.After reading and knowing about what happened in Indonesia, Malaysia shares similar situations but jut not that bad but if no actions are taken I think Malaysia will be at state of war. Students as well as everybody else can make changes to have a better life but it takes courage and the will power to stand together and fight. There has to be unity among all ethnicity. Below are some links which tells and explains what happened in 1998 in Indonesia.



KahJoon said...

how can their students be very much like us? they are way up there la..our student?? tak bleh harap..kena tear gas sudah lari dah...these indonesian students brave bullets weiii...i salute them!!

to malaysian students, contohilah rakan rakan dari indonesia !!

ChaLcedoNy said...

Thank you for this post.we have watched it leaving us with burning desire to walk up to the so-called power that's ruling our country and making our lives miserable now, and to leave am a note saying "we are watching you".