Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bangsa Sendiri than Bangsa Malaysia

I can go on and on about Bangsa Malaysia but what attracted me was the lecture given by Tun Dr. Mahathir. Impressive !

Bangsa Malaysia. I think first we have to understand the meaning of the word Bangsa Malaysia. Bangsa Malaysia may have many interpretations and i define is as, I race where there is no discrimination between inner ethnicity, gender age and etc. Being as one for fight for what is believed to be good and profitable to many people. Have concern and care for the unfortunate with out seeing difference. Have a proper political system and no barrier between the ruling class. I think that is a part of what I think is Bangsa Malaysia.

I think that Malaysia is not really to have a Bangsa Malaysia. There are problems that has to be faced first before this new rage of Bangsa in being introduced. we have to ask ourselves why. Look around! What do we see?

This is what I saw: A Chinese boy was having tea with Malay.I will call them A and B. They looked like friends.A and B were have a normal conversation and joking to each other. Both of them don't hate each other. They don't feel hatred towards the opposite race. That's good. Then after sometime both of them went back. While on the way back he met with a racist Malay and that gave hatred in him saying that " Malays are racist" So I will be racist. This effected A and B's friendship.... The moral of the story is, no matter how happily a person is with another race but there will be discrimination among other races.

Let me prove something. There are a large group of Malays will not be satisfied is any benefit is given to other races. Simple, UITM case. Having a mix student population is good but looks like the Malays see education as religion. UITM is for us not for others. So we are nowhere to Bangsa Malaysia.

The Chinese, Haha. Quite a number of Chinese will only go on to fight or support something only if it has to do with Chinese. You name it, Chinese schools, poverty, culture, language and etc.If there is no effects to the Chinese community, sorry to say there will be no support from the Chinese. They are united but among themselves. I have seen cases where a particular community held a protest against the ruling government.This incident happened late September 2007 They protested not to close a Gas station in Kepong. The station belonged to a Chinese man. It was a "Caltex" Gas station beside it was Petronas Gas station. Dunno what is wrong with the gas station, the government ordered it to be closed.

Personally I think the reason for the government wanted to close the gas Station was because there was a Chinese school just beside the premise. Just beside it. Maybe government takut, nanti Station blow the School students also blow. I don't really know. But during the protest, there were parents who brought their children to protest together as if like there is no other Gas station or maybe their kids are in need of gasoline. The scene was so funny. Oh yea, those kids i told, they were from the school beside the Gas station. With uniforms they were brought to the protest. Was a sunny day and kids who are suppose to be studying and leaning were out on the roads with parents in the name of supporting. United to the extreme. I think that what they did was wrong! Protest for a wrong purpose and using the wrong idea.

Land problems are between the person and the government/land office. There is no need to have a protest. Is this what we call as Bangsa Malaysia?

Indians. Please lah. Let me keep it simple. Indians will give a helping only if there is any reward. Not all there are a number of them and Indians are very good in influencing other Indians do do something if they have reward. Sorry. Im an Indian and I have seen a lot of this "bs" so don't come and bull with me.

In short we cant be going to Bangsa Malaysia if we are only back up our own race. Race based party should be abolish first of all. I think for now we can do that. They are not serving the purpose but they are just there flashing their flags and banners. Abolish alone will not do. There has to be parties where it is multiracial or else die,,, Some are out there just to find fault and to create chaos. They are able to input wrong information into our brains. " This party is 1 race based. They will not fight for our rights. " Bla bla bla. I think that race is not a factor to have leaders . Why? If a country is being run by all Chinese, I don't think there will be a problem as long as they are able to relate and understand the peoples needs and not being favorable to on particular race.

We are progressing but to reach Bangsa Malaysia, still far way to go. What we can do is speed things up. Speeding in a civilized and manned way. We don't want to be called baboons or monkey as they breed in the Malaysian Parliament.

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