Monday, November 24, 2008

Race matters in Obama's appointment


"According to exit polls reported by the BBC, Obama got only 43% of the white vote compared with the 55% his opponent John McCain got. When it came to Hispanic votes, Obama scored 66% to McCain’s 31%.

But it was the black vote that was the most telling – McCain managed only 4%, while Obama scored a resounding 95%.


But the world’s declaration that America has looked beyond race in electing Obama is naive.
It is an important first step, sure, but America will only have transcended race when a white man votes for a black man, and a black man votes for a white man, without giving a damn what his skin colour is. "

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Carmen N said...

Sorry but this is a TOTAL BULL**** argument... it is an issue of glass half full... why focus on the 55% who did NOT vote Obama... why not look at the 43% who DID!!! It is almost 50-50 really...

And many many black people vote all the time for white leaders... and vice versa...

I am not saying ALL Americans vote color-blindly but to be so pessimistic is to really look at statistics without analyzing them further.

Such people are ones who still have race coloured glasses on... geram!

peiling said...

LOL aren't you always the pessismistic one! Haha.

Would you care to elaborate more on the argument that he still has race coloured glasses on? I mean, since you said he did not analyse the statistics further, would love to hear your views. If you have time that is.