Thursday, May 29, 2008

A token of appreciation and thanks

I know this is not the right channel to post this but anyway i still post this anyhow. :p Hehe. Any of you want to share how u feel or say thanks to Dr Carmen. You're free to do so here too. If you dont, then send her a personal msg lo.

Dear Dr Carmen,

You've been my saviour for 2 consecutive semesters now. If it weren't for you, my results wouldn't have turned out to be like this. Critical thinking and Academic writing were a breeze because you're teaching them. Couldn't imagine if it was someone else. Thank you for that.

You're no longer teaching us anymore. I won't have a surety anymore from now on. Haih~ My guarantee has gone flying out the window. Sobs.


Anita said...

Yeah KJ, I absolutely agree with u.

Dr Carmen,
ur not only an amazing lecturer, but ur a GREAT buddy!

Its a pity that ur not teaching us this sem... hope u'll be teaching us for Feature Writing.. *pray pray*

Its been so wonderful knowing u...
Ur the best!

*hugsss* :-)

125z Rider said...

isk isk. I feel like crying when read this. Hahaha. BOSS!!!!!!

No need to thank you rite. You know how i see and respect and treat you....
By the way your the first person made my passion blow out. hahahaha If you know what passion I mean.