Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Of World War II and IG Farben

Here's a new concept behind World War II that I have never entertained before [well, maybe it's not new to you people, but it certainly IS to me]. I don't know about you guys, but I am...unsure as to how to go about this thing.


Do try and browse through the site if you have the time, but if you don't - here's a summary:

Apparently, the world's current concept/knowledge of World War II is wrong - very much. We know World War II as a consequence of Hitler's manipulation of the German's desire to be stronger and to be top of...um...the world[?]. Anyhow, that is MY basic knowledge. Here, a certain Dr Rath and his foundation [Dr Rath Health Foundation] brings another view to the war - he says that Hitler was only one man. Not strong/powerful enough to cause such a historical mutiny. His opinion is [note, present tense because Dr Rath is alive; not dead] that the real culprit responsible for such upheaval of change was IG Farben, a major pharmaceutical player. IG Farben is a cartel of Bayer, BASF and Hoechst [which I believe are originally minor pharmaceutical companies].

Please take note, however, that Dr Rath is a man who is very much against the current pharmaceutical industry. Hence, I would say that it is hard to determine if he is proposing such an idea because of his own ideals or other reasons. But I must also say again that I have read his book "Road Map to Health" [a printed version of the website above], where there are pictures and statements claimed to be from people involved in this whole affair.

The main page is: http://www.profit-over-life.com/ [Just in case if there's anyone who's interested]


amy2kyo said...

Alex, is the website down or you copied wrongly? It seems not accessible.

KahJoon said...

that is just one of the opinions on WW2..watch History channel on Astro. there's another view on this..its not all about hitler. i can't really recall the title of the documentary..damn.

Alex said...

To amy2kyo: Ah? It's wrong ka? I'm so sorry. Wait...lemme check...*scratches head*...um...I didn't have a problem accessing it. Is it because of the internet line?

To kahjoon: Yes, I understand that this is yet another opinion on WW2, and there are other theories out there, but since this is the one new one that I came into contact with, I would just like to see how credible this one is. Btw, I don't have Astro. But if you ARE able to recall the title of the documentary, I would appreciate it alot if you tell me. Thankies.

KahJoon said...

i went back and watched history channel. luckily that documentary was showing again. The title is "the last secrets of the axis". it's mainly about this person called karl haushoffer. go check it out.

its another view of the war, how it started, why it started and many more insightful revelations.

opened my eyes for sure.