Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stupid Act

Two police reports have been lodged against Bukit Gelugor DAP MP Karpal Singh for his alleged seditious remark against the Sultan of Perak.
The reports were lodged by BN Backbenchers (BBC) members and the coalition of Malay NGOs - Malay Unity Action Front (BBPM) - at the Brickfields police station at 4.30 pm today.Six BBC members led by chairperson and Bintulu MP Tiong King Sing in the report want the police to investigate if Karpal’s statement as reported in the Monday edition of the Star had in anyway broken the law.The English daily on Monday had reported Karpal as saying, “Sultan Azlan Shah did not have any say, as the Ruler of Perak, in the decision made by the state government and, by law, the palace cannot order the state government to reinstate Jamry.”“We find that the remarks made by Karpal to be seditious and rude in its nature and we want the police to take necessary action as the authority provided by the Sedition Act,” BBC legal adviser and Muar MP Razali Ibrahim told reporters.
'Karpal was rude'Karpal had made the statement following Sultan Azlan Shah’s instruction via his son the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah to reinstate Jamry Sury as the state’s Islamic Department director.Jamry was alleged to have refused cooperation with the new Pakatan Rakyat Perak government and allegedly transferred to another department following his recalcitrance.Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak had also cited Karpal’s statement as incorrect as the federal and state constitutions legally allow the sultan to do so.Apart from Razali, other BBC members present were the group’s vice-president and Batu Pahat MP Mohd Puad Zarkashi, treasurer and Sri Gading MP Mohd Aziz, information chief and Pontian MP Ahmad Maslan and committee member and Arau MP Ismail Kasim.BBPM representative Osman Abu Bakar who lodged a similar report also lambasted Karpal as biadap (extremely rude) for questioning the sultan’s instructions.They too want the police to take stern action against the Batu Gelugor MP. They added that Karpal’s statement cannot be tolerated as it was tantamount to insulting the institution of rulers in the country.


125z Rider said...

The only thing I can say is "The Sultan has no rights in Malaysian Politics." If the sultan can interfere with this issue as said by the politicians then why did the BN members said "Do not bring royalty into politics" during the BERSIH rally. I do understand that the sultan is our "icon" but I wans just wondering why there is this "thing" where this issue should be handled with the sultan's words but during the rally the sultan is was not to be distubed. The right wing party can have all their says and go around saying and reporting the oppositon has insulted the supreme ruler. What if the oppositon MP's report about Bung Mokthar behaving like a "Baboon" insulting others. So this exacatly shows that our police are BN's puppet. Good, good.
I dont really know why cant the oppositons cant shut Bung Mokhtar up! On second thought who let him in the parliament? All this comes back to saying something sexist. If what karpal said is rude and there should be action taken against him then all the sexist MP's should receive the same. And how about the sultan's interferance in the system. If he is to do so than what the BN ministers said during the BERSIH rally is wrong. So who is right and woh is not?

Carmen N said...

You have pointed out an EXCELLENT inconsistency in the Sultan argument: "I was just wondering why there is this "thing" where this issue should be handled with the sultan's words but during the rally the sultan is was not to be distubed."

Again, it serves to show that the govt will forever use any argument to fit their purpose--they have no guiding principle, except that whatever works they will use, even if inconsistent later.

This is called FALLACIOUS REASONING and ALL students of CT should avoid this.