Thursday, November 15, 2007

told you 'smart' people always say 'smart' things...

check out Badruddin's blunder and Zaleha.

i wanted to cry when i read these stories. don't know which is worse, a sexist male-politician who speaks without thinking or a female-politician who seriously thinks a mini skirt is an embarrassment to women.

when God made Adam & Eve, they were stark naked. i don't suppose God complained about seeing too much of their buttocks, thighs and what has nudity got to do with religion?? (like what zaleha claimed).

since you enjoy being crude, it's only fair that we be crude too. yes, if they tak cukup kain, kain can be bought...but since you're the one complaining, then you BUY them the god damn cloth!!!

i shall thank you on behalf of airasia. and no, i still can't find anything wrong with their uniform 'cos it looks very much like a normal business attire. only thing is, it's chilli red. so if you still have a problem with what the general workforce is wearing, perhaps you should pay for their cloth too.

as for Badruddin, i suspect it's the limited-vocab-syndrome you are having. we don't have terowong in skirts my dear..they are called SLITS.

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125z Rider said...

As for the tunnel thing, he should not said such thing and could afford to say sorry. This is what they do in the parliment every time. Say something stupid and the real issue is abandon. Now they will fight and try to make it a big issue. The real problem is left out. Same as the "leaking" problem. They just forgot the issue and went on to fight. This mentality should change.