Wednesday, November 28, 2007

say NO to PGCC - Penang Global City Centre

penang global city centre? hello, aren't we global enough?? we're known way before singapore & i think we're global enough in that sense. no need to make it more global bah....

anyways, this is a mega project. cost a lot of money, RM 25billion to be specific. covering 104 ha. will have 37 blocks of apartment, each 40 stories high. on top of that, another two huge UGLY 'iconic' towers being erected on such a small island. will be launched in 8-12 months. and yet, so little has been heard, said and published (even after so much have been said and presented by opposing parties especially the penangites). what happened to the press ah? all died ah? write articles which are of our concern lah! i don't wanna know about which cheer leading's won what medal and which datuk's wife has written and published a book to donate to which association...i don't give a damn...and it's sad to know newspapers these days are so damn lame...and god, what happened to PM's promise for a fair and accountable government? turned deaf? or blind?

and no, we don't need any more 'iconic' towers please. in fact, i think we've had enough. so, cut the crap. our twin towers are no longer standing tall in books of records. back in penang, komtar's become a white elephant. PISA (penang international sports arena) is another rusty elephant. the project to develop pulau jerejak and turn it into a tourist spot is not quite working according to plan. the tourism industry in batu feringghi is dying. golden sand is no longer golden. plastics and jellyfish can no longer be differentiated...what else huh? the list goes on and on...

so if you ask me, we can do better for our dear ol' penang with the RM 25bil than building more buildings and increasing its population & traffic. in the end of the day, whose project is this? (gov. or developer?) whose money are we using? (obviously, ours - the taxpayers') and for whom? (obviously, not us...even if they claim that it's for the benefit of us all...apparently, it's not...go back to democracy! there are so many unanswered questions, so come out and openly discuss the plan or whatever...and if we don't want it, scrap it!)

please check out these clips or google to find out why it's been criticised:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Pak Lah...i want my green trees and grass at the turf club area. i don't want my children to travel to another country next time just to see how a hill looks like...and i don't want no mega projects, thank you.


jeannie said...

I've just received an email regarding this by Dr. Carmen and I'm really really HORRIFIED to hear another mega project which serves nothing but a mere 'icon'of Malaysia. RM 25 billion is no small amount. If it's for tourism purposes, I'd rather have the money spent on improvising the tourism spots we have now (there are more and more complains on the deteriorating conditions of our tourism spots).
Will this become another Petronas Tower? Will it become another 'Malaysian Wonders'? It's really worrying...For those who doesn't know about 'Malaysian Wonders', I think I'll post it here.I got this email from Dr. Roy which I think is really funny:

Organisers recently announced the seven new wonders of the world. Here in MALAYSIA BOLEHland, we have our very own 7 wonders.

The only building built with no approval and unpaid assessment fees that is not demolished and sealed. The owner is the first bankrupt to be able to own a palace.

The unique feature is its ability to 'leak' away billions of taxpayers money while the guardians of the nation stood there all wet.

The only >$600 million prison in this world that is free of haunted stories and encounters. Reason: No execution was done here before. In fact no prisoners were held there. There are also no concrete walls with barbed wires to contain souls - both dead and alive. Maybe it can qualify as the first imaginary prison built with real money.

The nation's premier eco-tourism park holds the record in the category of attracting more lawyers with litigation than tourists with binoculars.

Uniquely design ed to alleviate floods. When completed, it does everything except alleviate floods.

The one and only high tech city in the world that offers limited or no internet connection to its residents.

The most crooked bridge in the world dreamt by a most crooked mind. Too bad it was abandoned; otherwise it would make it as one of the wonders.

1 st Malaysian astroman blasted off with millions of rakyat money. One of the most expensive perbelanjaan known as space expedition entered the Malaysian Guiness Book Record at 10.00 am on 10-10-2007.

BRAVO! No wonder, today's prices are ' up, up and away.' In 2007....look and see....for sure....garanteeeeeee....tahun depan minyak mestiiiiiiii naik punya....this year cannot naik....sebab sudah promise-mah...!!!! In 2007, sure naik like soyuz...dasyhat looo....


The Russians are laughing all the way to the bank. This is good business – beratus-ratus juta. So they are offering another Malaysian to go into space with them – another >RM100 million ride to nowhere.

So be prepared for barang2 makan, minyak, tol and everything else to terus naik because we tax payers are paying for it. Malaysia Boleh (terus bayar and bayar for nonsense).


KahJoon said...

have you guys ever wondered why this project is always put in the good light in the press and approved so easily by the govt?

here's the info. Abad Naluri, the developer for PGCC is controlled by Datuk Patrick Lim who some says is the "anak angkat" of our PM. he is somewhat similiar to the role that Tan Sri Vincent Tan played during Dr Mahathir's administration. PM also stayed in Patrick Lim's house when he is in Australia courting his current wife Jeanne. they are not married yet that time and they were caught in a compromising position by PM's daughter Nori. u guy's know what happened next lor. haha

Govt tutup satu mata when the residents of Penang that are affected by the PGCC project voiced their concern.

amy2kyo said...

i agree to what the blogger said about the development of pgcc; a waste of time and energy. besides pgcc, they're building the "extra-lane-bridge" now and that cost a lot too.

some more ah, they're now building the penang times square at komtar area. and umm, they just completed queensbay mall. i heard there'll be an ikea store at this times square.

i somehow felt there's too many malls in penang island. gurney plaza, queensbay mall, bukit jambul, prangin mall and the kecik-kecik ones lah.. on the mainland? there's sunway carnival mall, megamall pinang, summit and coming up new jusco mall.

so much money to spend? so many ppl in penang? i wonder lor....

gov should only focus onto the improvement of the traffic jams in the island. already the island is a small place, what's that about pgcc?

yes, i admit that i'm happy that they're building the pgcc, a new development for a small state. more places to go.

but then again, tourism in penang dropped drastically ever since the tsunami incident.

oh yah, they gonna have a hard-rock-penang store/cafe here too in batu feringghi. revive back the happening beach lah. please lah.

pgcc is a waste of money! and manpower. grrr!

Thanks blogger (sorry forgot your name) for reminding all of us about this issue.

ViViEnNe said...

i know how problematic or 'rusty' those are...but just like said,it comes from the even rustier 'admin' makes me curious just how much money do 'we' have...



You said tourism in penang has dropped drastically every since the tsunami incident. I beg to differ. Tourism in penang has been the same BEFORE and after the tsunami - just as dead. In the 80s, the beach was beautiful, the sand was white and the 90s, most of us began learning what's a jellyfish. Signs were erected. many tourists couldn't swim in the sea. the beach is dirty. spillage from factories in Bayan Lepas made things worse. the 1997 economy crisis had many retrenched and so on and so forth. many factors and no, it's not just because of tsunami. in fact, as a penangite myself, i am thankful that we had experienced the tsunami. it helped 'cleaned' our dirty shores and give us a good awakening/reminder that we're taking nature for granted...

and yet, till this day, we still have morons like you know who to approve of such a disastrous project - PGCC

why am i not surprised? this government of ours is so predictable i think i can puke. enough is enough. come the next election, my first vote goes to the opposition. lets see what they say about not needing 'indian & chinese votes to secure 2/3'


Gilgamesh said...

u know what...

I've always thought of the m'sian govt. like a parent in the making...

weird... I know! :)

This whole PGCC thingy, in my opinion, is like a parent wanting to proudly show the world that their kid (Malaysia) has something great to offer... But of course, their kid is not all that great, so teach some skills, add a bit of style... VOILA! An all rounder child...

Not just PGCC... Few years back, with other developments, not sure if KLCC was one of them but, yeah.. Banyak duit telah ditelan semata-mata untuk "mencantikkan" lagi negara kita yang dari dulu hingga sekarang merupakan sebuah negara yang indah..

But somehow... So much money involved, there must be transparency in the accounts... Business ppl will know that ghost accounts will start to emerge for transfers... That's y all that bocor cases lar.... :)

Anyway... I think this PGCC is not all that bad... Just don't over develop Penang!