Tuesday, November 13, 2007

'smart' people never fail to say 'smart things'...

...and it's pathetic no less.

Adnan's Views on ISA

to be more specific, note this quote of his: National security is of utmost importance, more than legality or human rights.

i can't believe this. what has become of this world? i never knew we can do away with human rights...it's like the basis of everything in this world...this civilization...how can we, take away the very foundation of humanity? or can we? i'm confused.

and i wonder if mr.adnan would sing a different tune if we were to put him under ISA...hah...ISA more important than human rights huh??

and on numbers:

DPM's Quote

note: If they (the Opposition during the Bersih rally on Saturday) can gather 10,000 people, the Government through Barisan Nasional can gather even more people.

i don't know about you, but i think it's kinda childish to compare such things...numbers?? how old are you??? it sounds almost like, "nyehnyehnyehnyehh~ i have more cookies than you do!"

Don't drag royalty

note: The opposition-led illegal gathering involving some 4,000 people ended with a memorandum being handed over to Istana Negara. The memorandum called for free and just elections.

but, on msn - AFP: Hundreds of police unleashed tear gas and water cannon on 30,000 protesters who, despite a government ban, marched Saturday from the city centre to the royal palace to hand over a memorandum calling for clean and fair elections.

maybe it's been blown out of proportion but 4000 and 30, 000 is too big a figure difference don't you think?

sad lah wei...sad...


125z Rider said...

Why when there is a protest there will be something against the opposition party?

Carmen N said...

If the govt is so confident about how well it is doing, then why not let the opposition have a peaceful rally WITHOUT police firing tear gas or arresting people... then let's see how many people participate and march!!

In any case, the 30,000 number is closer to the truth... please check out Al Jazeera on YouTube. Govt is mad with them... which usually means they are reporting objectively! hahahahah

125z Rider said...

I dont think the gov is confident. If they are why would our PM and DPM always comment about the rally. Past these few days when ever our DPM and PM is giving their speech the will be something about the oppositon and the rally.

KahJoon said...

in my opinion, al jazeera made a big blunder. the person they interviewed was from a political party and he is not an independent journalist.

KahJoon said...

the protestors' did something very inhumane too. some of them used children as human shields. i dont consider them human to use children that way.