Tuesday, October 16, 2007

CT Meeting for old and new critters

Everyone is welcome to attend our first critical thinking discussion meeting this coming

Saturday, October 20 at
PG block at
1:30 p.m.

The topic is "The Nurin Case: Child Molestors -- causes + solutions".

We will have lunch at mamak first, at 12 p.m. for those of you who want to "warm up" by hanging out with CT group members :-)

Sharwin will be leading the session and it will be very similar to our usual CT presentations, with one exception--everyone has to come prepared, having read 2 sets of readings, one given by Sharwin and another more analytical piece, given by me.

We hope that people will come and share their views, after having read. This way, we can have informed discussions. The readings are as follows:

There are many links to the Nurin case. Please don't just look at the CCTV and images, also try to read to get some background into the case. Sharwin will also come up with a timeline to make the discussions flow more smoothly.

Please read chapters 1 -- Motives, 2 -- There's No Cure, and 3 -- What's the appropriate response? You can see if some of the ideas given may or may not be applicable to the Nurin case and the Malaysian context.

Put on your critical thinking cap when you read and try to note down your agreements and objections to the readings as well. Basically, adopt your critical reading skills.

See you on Saturday!!


Hollow Ataraxia said...

Well... It went well... I suppose... I guess I was just glad that we did it... The whole critical thinking discussion was great!

Though we didn't have the whole EL class with us... The 'perbincangan' overall-pretty good!

I'm really happy my journey there was not a waste of time and resources... Now I'm bragging to my other friends and family about my having this CT group when I return to PJ soon... Yeah yeah!

J-Chee said...

larr.. -.- i'm enslaving myself since i stepped my feet in my house.. arghh coz my indon maid balik kampung for raya.. as much as i want to go, i cant oso lar... =,=

but i believe it will go well, and really fun~

too bad i missed it the 1st time lar.. =,= but i will attend as much as i can hehe~

CT rockzzz :P

Hollow Ataraxia said...

Yo yo yo J-Chee!!!

It DID went well... We missed a few of you critters lar...

We'll hope you guys can join us soon!!!

KahJoon said...

when is the next meeting? i definitely go this time coz i'm really free d. neways this monday will be seeing ian, tony and a few others lah..

125z Rider said...

24 nov kj. Wah, So free ah! Are you working or not?

125z Rider said...

What is going on, everyday i dont see anything about Nurin's case progress but the nurin alert thing only. What is going on? Are they repeating their mistakes again trying to sneak out of the problem. I really do not understand why are we so different.

LikeNo0ther said...

wow, took me this long to post something for the discussion we had bout 2 weeks ago. Exam pressure really taking its toll now..ish..

Anyway it was a really great experience being part of this CT thingy..never thought it could come up to a level that i have brain restrictions during discussion..TOO MUCH FLOW OF INFO!

Sorry I couldn't come up with anything to say cause I didnt read up the topics..Thought i'd listen more since I dont really know any facts bout it..

Overall it was great..Looking forward for the next meeting..

jeannie said...

so the first meeting is a success? Great! A pity I have to miss the 2nd meeting again! What's the topic anyway? Who's searching for the reading material?