Monday, October 8, 2007

Banned Books

A few weeks ago, the last time I was at mamak with some of you, KJ mentioned an art exhibition at the Central Market Annexe (where we saw Fahmi Reza's smashing new film) on banned books. I had a chance to view the show this past Friday and am reviewing it for my editor. I actually thought it was an excellent exhibition, utilizing a lot of facts about book banning in Malaysia.

Now, unfortunately, the show is over but I didn't realize my pal Sharon Chin actually created a blog about her artwork. It's very comprehensive and worth checking out:

Another good blog on a similar issue is:


P.S. Please don't let this post of mine distract you from reading Michelle's excellent story about injustice in Malaysia--see below!

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jeannie said...

I just sent my topics for our CT discussions and one of my topics is book banning...I dunno it's been posted here..Maybe this can be an initial warming-up discussion..haha!