Friday, March 28, 2008

Racial Stereotyping

For those of us who were in academic writing class, we recently learned about language stereotyping and oppression rite? Here's another issue for you all to ponder upon. You decide if there are signs of racial stereotyping here. It's the coverpage showing a black basketball athlete and the top supermodel in the world. Many are saying that they don't see any underlying msg in the picture.

Maybe you have a different take on this. It'll be interesting to hear your views.

Click here for the picture and the article written on this by AP. I malas wan do again so i linked to my blog.

1 comment:

Carmen N said...

Totally racial stereotyping. I agree with the King Kong semiotic reading of the image.

PLUS... SO DARN gender stereotyped too!!!

No wonder I don't buy foreign magazines... waste money