Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A forum by some AMAZING people!

Please do try to go to the open dialogue below. Some BIG SHOTS are going to be there. I am so so sooooooo bummed I cannot go. Have Open Day duties at UTAR. Can someone please go and tell me what transpired! Full report please!! Thanks.


Date: Saturday, 15 March 2008
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (lunch not provided)
Venue: Level 4 Multipurpose Hall (MPH), Sunway University College

• Chairperson Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Ramon V. Navaratham, Centre for PublicPolicy Studies.
• Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria, Executive Director of Yayasan StrategikSosial
• Dr Farish Noor, Senior Fellow, Rajaratnam School of International Studies, NTU Singapore.
• Khoo Kay Peng, Executive Director of SEDAR Institute.
• Malik Imtiaz, Human Rights Lawyer and Activist
• Tricia Yeoh, Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies.

The 12th General Elections 2008 campaigning period has seen anunprecedented movement of civil society organization participation,ranging from voter education to endorsement of political party candidates. 7.14 million out of 10.2 eligible Malaysian million voters voted last Saturday with the loose opposition gaining state-control over five states and BN, the ruling coalition losing its two-thirds majority in parliament. Rising prices, increasing crime rates, the rise in interethnic and inter-religious spates, and unaddressed corruption, all led to the widelyheld perception that the Government was simply not doing its jobsatisfactorily.

This elections period also saw the rise of the internetand telecommunications in mobilizing fundraising for campaigning, dissemination of information, and shaping of opinions. Indeed, there has been a major shift in Malaysia's electoral trend, showing that ethnic-based affirmative action is irrelevant in today's competitive and globalized society– a sure sign of a maturing democratic society.

Join our panel discussion this Saturday as we analyze and discuss the unexpected yet exciting outcome of the 12th General Elections and inparticular what the implications are for the future of Malaysia'spolitical fabric, culture and framework.

Please contact Shu Yi at / 012-2113391 to RSVP.


jeannie said...

Sigh...Why is that I'm always missing these events? This Saturday have to miss this event again cuz we have class...sigh...

KahJoon said...

wooo, star studded line up of panelists. i rather go listen to these guys than listen to Datin's lecture.

amy2kyo said...

let's go!

yeevon said...

ohmygodd! farish noor will be there! i want. to. go. bad. bad. but just great lah. datin's class all. :(

peiling said...

While I'm not one to believe in numerology and feng shui, I can't help but wonder if March 15 is some auspicious date, since all things are happening on that day, including the Sunburst music fest and the wedding I'm attending in Kampar this Saturday.

So after beating around the bush...

Yes anyone who's going, full report please!!

KahJoon said...

wow, farish noor and malik imtiaz. they nvr disappoint. super glad that i went. if not sure menyesal 1. zainon ahmad kept talking about the pre-election which he is not supposed to but anyway he shines during Q&A session. denison pula, so so oni lah. we should have more ppl like farish and malik..we should look up to them ler..