Sunday, January 11, 2009

Palestine - Israel

Hei people, want to have a discussion about the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel? Can cover inter-religious discussion as well. How's that?


KahJoon said...

no takers? sienz..critical thinking discussions are dead..

Kenny Chan said...

To me, religion is just an excuse. People who use religion as an excuse are cowards who can't find real reason to justify their cause.

Placing the accountability of your actions on something that is hardly tangible is the most convenient way of getting away with doing something but not wanting to take the blame for it.

There is no such thing as holy wars. Only politics, power and money.

Btw, the Israel - Palestine conflict has nothing to do with religion. It's all about stupidity, exploitation and greed.

What do you think?

KahJoon said...
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KahJoon said...

i can't agree more with you on your first line. it's a good 1 there.

but i have to disagree when u say the conflict has nothing to do with religion. the conflict itself might not have religious connections but the root cause should be traced back in history and how all this started. Religion becomes a sore tumb sticking out if we look thru further back.

however stupidity, exploitation and greed also play huge part in the escalation of this conflict.

many suggested boycotting american goods as a protest sign. i really dont see the point in that. we have more to lose if we actually do that.

recently at a davos meeting, turkish pm erdogan walked out of a debate with israeli president peres. personally i think it's a childish act. peres did say something interesting though. it shows how cunnting the israelies are. he said, "what would you do if people fires rockets at your country everyday?" erdogan didn't answer.

for people who do not know much about the conflict, they might take what peres says as true and lay the full blame on the palestines. however, peres chooses to ignore the fact that the palestines fire the rockets as a retaliation for israel blockading them and sealing off all the borders. try imagine living in room which you cant get out. your supplies are constantly diminishing. what would you do?