Monday, December 1, 2008

Bicycle Campaign

1.0 Introduction
Oppressed People’s Network (JERIT) has initiated a nationwide cycling campaign that carries the theme of ’Rakyat Pengayuh Perubahan’ which explains the rakyat drives the change. The participants for this campaign comes from various background such as from plantation workers support comittee, industrial workers’ coalition, farmers, urban pioneers, students and youth groups.

Other NGOs, trade unions, human right groups and political partys also will be a part in this campaign. The idea of this campaign is to reach the public by cycling to city and main town in Malaysia whilst spreading awareness on the issue that affects them extremely such as oil price hike, draconian laws against people, global issues i.e. food crisis and dying planet.

This core issues has been overshadowed by the twisted political scenario and economical that takes away rakyat’s mind and focus from the real problem their are facing daily.

Therefore, the cycling campaign would be a great move to empower the rakyat to focus on their real life issues and demand for change.

Main Objectives
  1. To increase awareness to rakyat on their real problems and solutions.
  2. To increase awareness among rakyat to be enviroment friendly to save our dying earth.
  3. To popularise JERIT’s main demands amongst the people
  • Enact Minimum wage Act
  • Abolish draconian laws
  • Adequate housing for all
  • Controllled and affordable goods’ price
  • Revive local municipal council’s election.
  • Stop privitisation of public services such air water, hospitals and education.

Campaign Duration
The campaign will be tentatively launched on the 22nd of November 2008 and continues for three weeks.

Work Plan
  1. 150 cyclist will cycle through at least to 50 state’s main town and city whistl distributing pamphlets.
  2. Programmes like speeches, street dramas or carnival will be arranged and participated by the local people at the each stop in states.
  3. A memorandum will be handed over to the Menteri Besar of each state during the cyclist tour in the respective state in order to get their support and endorsement on the JERIT demands.
  4. The campaign will kicks of from three points of the country as mentioned in the route below :
  • Northern Malaysia: Perlis-Penang-Perak-Selangor-Kuala Lumpur
  • Southern Malaysia: Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur
  • Eastern Malaysia: Kelantan , Terengganu, Pahang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur

Highlight of the Campaign
The cyclist will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur and the highligh event will be the handing over memorandum to the Prime Minister at the parliament. This event will be witnessed by approximately 1000 people from the Coalition and partners in this campaign.

The total cost of the campaign is estimated to be around RM270,000.

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