Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raya open house protest

What do you guys think about HINDRAF's action during the PM's Raya open house? Was it okay for them to protest and did they did it properly?

Personally, I think it is their right to protest BUT to do it the way they did it i have to disagree. It was distasteful of them to crash someone's open house like that. Raya open house is for everyone to get together and celebrate. Why do all this kind of things? I know they want publicity and all but not this way..pls don't make matters worse.

So what say you?


Junjun said...

agree with what u said... it is not the right time to protest something during open house...
I would like to ask : Did they plan and think before they do something ?

just want to say something to those protesters :
you want people to respect you... you should learn how to respect people first..

Premium Cashews said...

I have to agree...

Sg Petani Boy said...

We cant jump sides or come to conclusion what happen in the open house.
Simple question, are we in the same situation as they are? What would we do if our loved ones are taken away like them? Hell, we don't really know if the Hindraf 5 are still alive.
I think that if my dad or mom or brother was taken like them, who cares about celebration!
And yeah what did the hindraf people did was wrong, but to what extend? Even we might do it under circumstances, so there is absolutely no point to say its wrong,
Anyway what really happen there? Anyone knows? I not talking about where you heard it from and other secondary source.
Anyone who was there or maybe got the video clip of the whole incident of the Hari Raya Open House.
Honestly going there to beg them under the word called "protest" was desperate and I understand to a certain level but asking the PM to maafkan the Hindraf 5 and the release them sempena Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dna Batin?
What the hell? You people stupid or what? And what is up with the statment kita maafkan Perdana Menteri?
Did the PM ask for forgiveness for you all to forgive? Did the Hindraf 5 who I don't even know if they are alive, forgives the PM?

And yeah I don't support and care about Hindraf at all since they were famous. Once upon a time they were all about fighting for the Indians, now its getting rid of BN and we want our 5 friends back!
For those who supported HINDRAF and thought that they were up to save the Indian, so sorry but they were just our to save themselves,friends and yeah they are just another upcoming UMNO/BN reincarnation.

KahJoon said...

those are strong words there my friend. you know that many hindus will be put off by that? do you care to elaborate further so as not to cause misunderstandings?

Sg Petani Boy said...

Bro which part do you want me to elaborate, tell me. I can but which part. But then really HINDRAF has evolved to such a way.