Friday, September 5, 2008

The Truth is revealed!

Who is the UiTM VC who rallied his students to demonstrate in front of the Selangor MB's office?

None other than.... University Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah... who 'warned' Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Chief Minister of Selangor YAB Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim not to interfere in the internal affairs of the University. He said that Tan Sri Khalid should not seek political mileage to win over non-Malay support for PR.

Now, this so-called 'academic' sounds to me more like an Umno politician than a academician. This Scribe thus decided to snoop around and find where he got his Phd (permanent head damage) from. Ibrahim it appears, was UMNO Member (1968 - present) Youth Leader, UMNO Kg. Pulai (1981- 1983) Committee Member, UMNO Youths Jasin, Melaka (1982 - 1983) Chairman (Founder) UMNO Club, Carbondale USA (1983) President, UMNO USA Club (1985 - 1987), Exco of Alumni UMNO Club (oversea) (1995 - present) (Note this Umno Alumni fellows were one of the agitators at the Bar Council Forum).

Among the other 'contributions' of this Umno racist include:1.Talk to all Malaysians UMNO division heads about "Gerakan Anti Kerajaan Pelajar-Pelajar di Kampus-Pengalaman UiTM" - 15 November 20012.Panel forum "Agenda Melayu Dalam Dasar Pendidikan"- Conference of Agenda Melayu, Balai Budaya Tun Syed Nasir, DBP - 16 July 20053.Talk to all secondary school principals state of Kelantan about "Meritokrasi" - 4 November 2001 at Perdana Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan4.Presentation of working papers "Intelektual Melayu: Harapan dan Cabaran MRSM" at Convention organized by MARA at Selesa Hotel, Port Dickson - 12 December 2006
Now this Scribe understands where this racist academician is coming from. This Scribe was also right about Umno's involvement in both the UiTM student demonstration yesterday and as well as the Bar Council Forum disruption. Now, it also explains why the Police did not act on both occasions.

This racist Academician must be reminded together with his racists buddies from Umno that every Malaysian have the right to study and work at UiTM because UiTM is funded by the Government using Malaysian (Muslim and non-Muslim) tax payers money. Need I remind the good Professor that some of these tax money comes from 'haram' or sin taxes such as gambling, pork industry, alcohol industry, health clubs etc. Dear Prof, the salary you draw from UiTM also comes from this as well.

It's not surprising why malaysian Universities are ranked so low in the world. In fact, UiTM has the dubious honor to be known as University Terrorist Malaysia because because Al Qaeda Southeast Asian associates, Jemaah Islamiah operatives, were members of the faculty at UiTM. Surely now, the world can see what a racist party Umno is.

This Scribe calls on all non-Malay members of BN to quit it and join Pakatan Rakyat and support Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

(I received this via email from a journalist pal this morning)

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Carmen N said...

Of course, we must take what the Scribe says with a grain of salt too... after all, Jemaah Islamiah members are hardly UMNO supporters and some of them have also been under ISA.

I guess this is a case of ad hominem attack circumstantial. Msian writers just cannot bear not to ad hominem attack people.