Thursday, August 7, 2008

anwar charged for sodomy

the medical report that leaked and published by Raja Petra showed that Saiful was not sodomised. then we have our smart-ass politicians saying the report cannot be considered accurate because it's not done by a specialist...

so my question we really have doctors who are specialised in looking up people's arses?...and do we actually NEED a doctor who is specialised in arses to determine whether the patient has been sodomised? i don't remember we need doctors who are "specialised" in vaginas to confirm a girl's been raped.

i think i can go tell my little cousins who are still at school, "wanna earn big bucks? wanna be famous (or infamous)? study hard, earn good grades, if not, give our DPM a visit at his office maybe he can help you with a scholarship....then take up medicine...and major in an area called ANUS."

good, ay?


KahJoon said...

that a good 1 there...lolz..

i really wanna give the DPM a visit la..see if he can afford me to go Cambridge or not..wahaha

小燕子 said...

yeah bah...and such a good hearted chap he 'advice' to someone who's been sodomised wor...can you believe it? we tax payers paying people like this to stay in office and attend to ppl who play backdoor...sigh