Sunday, January 27, 2008

Can't stand it

i really cannot tahan when some ppl say genocide/ethnic cleansing is happening here. I wan to state my stand here clear. Genocide/ethnic cleansing is not happening here. i don't like the way you guys twist the definition of genocide to suit your cause and by saying "other's should look at it in an indian perspective."

go tell the people of the former Yugoslavia that what is happening here is genocide. you can also go tell the people of Darfur,Sudan or even Iraqi Kurds. Tell the Jews what happened to them in WW2 is similiar to what is happening to you right now. how can you similiarize your plight with what happened in the killing fields of Cambodia. In Rwanda, almost a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by Hutus. they were slashed to death with machetes. a painful and cruel death. do you still think the same is happening to you?

if you think that twisting universal definitions to suit your cause is alright, then consider this. Two persons which i would call the former, A and the latter, B. A is a good citizen whereas B is a thief, rapist, murderer. One day, B stole from A and raped a family member of A. A was very bitter about it and set out to find B. He eventually found him and killed him. When he was brought to court he protested his innocence and said "B's time is up, he should die. i just did him a favour and took it away for him instead of waiting for the court."

the courts would still sentence A to go to prison bcoz a murder is still a murder no matter how u twist the definition. if i were to agree with you that genocide is happening in m'sia. then i would have to agree that A is innocent too.


jeannie said...

I can't seem to connect your example about A and B with your definition on genocide,KJ...Mind clearing my doubts?

KahJoon said...

actually what u dont get about the examples? my main point is "one can't twist definitions to suit one's cause". the examples are meant to illustrate my point. got it? if u still dont get it..i'm willing to explain it in person to you.