Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who should join us?

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of democracy and transparency, I would like to ask your opinion about who should join Criticalfikir, apart from our class members and former Critical Thinking students.

To date, I have invited the following people to join:

1. all of you from EL Y1 S2
2. seniors -- those whose emails I have (unfortunately, I don't have them all)

Open for debate are possible members:

1. non-CT students who I have taught in the past and I consider to the critical thinkers -- most of them are journalism students

2. my current batch of non-CT students who have potential to be critical thinkers -- some of them were present at the movie screening last week, Wed, Aug 15

3. Dr Roy -- who has asked to join this circle. The question is, do you want her to be an official contributor (who can write her comments) or just someone who can read the posts like any other member of the public?

I would like your feedback on the second list OR perhaps there are other people some of you would like to join our circle. In which case, please let us know so that we can collectively decide whether to include them or not.

Please bear in mind that right now, our blog is open to the public--which means that even people who are not contributors to our circle can read what we write. When we invite people to join our circle, we can either ask them to join as contributors (read and comment) or just readers (read only but cannot comment).

The second question I have is this: is everyone here ok with this blog being a public blog? Or would you prefer it to be viewable ONLY by people who are invited by us?

Comments please. Thanks.


ViViEnNe said...

im ok with everyone of them as contributors...just one prob,fear its too packed here...and create chaos...if that can be settled then will be fine...(sure dr roy can join^^)

ViViEnNe said...

oh and i think better make it open to ppl invovlved only,'coz its still a very PANAS blog la..

KahJoon said...

dr carmen, i think i would love this blog to be public and anyone out there can view it bcoz sometimes i would like my friends to see some of the things we discuss here and extend the discussion outside when we meet up..

pertaining to the dr roy question, i think i would love her to be a contributor. she has fantastic views on things and i think she could make this blog more interesting.

viv, why do want it to be private? so what if the topic we're discussing are panas? if what we're saying are correct i think the readers themselves will have ntg against us..do not have prejudicial thoughts towards other ppl ler xD ..

yeevon said...

vivienne didnt mean to be prejudice or anything of that sort la. right right? think she meant topics and discussions could go overboard. you know like over-overboard. haha. and yeah i do agree about letting Dr. Roy in to write and comment.

.:dewgem:. said...

It's ok to open this blog to public viewing. I'm sure people out there got to be more aware of issues going on and be less ignorant.

Yay! i support Dr Roy being part of the contributors. :)

Anita said...

yeap, i definitely think that dr roy can be one of the contributors.. no prob in that..

amy2kyo said...

Hmm, for sure Dr. Roy can join us here as one of the contributors.

Basically, whoever Dr. Carmen thinks that they are critical thinkers-to-be, not critical thinkers wannabes can join. We can give them a probation period. If they post critically good comments then we let them in as contributors. Else, no need. Haha, jk. :D

I think it's better if our blog appears to be public. It's our freedom to speak! Use words that we understand "semantically" lah. You know what I mean right? Hehe.

Ok. I talked too much.

jeannie said...

Haha! You din really talk tat much la, Amy. Well, I have no comments on making it public. Like what KJ said, sometimes I would like my friends to see what we're discussing about too! You know..people nowadays are ignorant about many hot issues and I think this is going to help. They can read but we'll choose who can contribute. I'm fine with those people Dr.carmen mentioned. They can contribute because I think critical thinking should not be restricted to a small group of people only. Anyone who has opinions has a right to share with us. I think only through this way can the discussion be more productive.And of course, I'll be more than glad to have Dr.roy joining us!

J-Chee said...

I think it's best for everyone to join us in criticalfikir (nice name btw haha :P) and comment kaw kaw. but i hope it would STRICTLY to those who are close to us/ our friends or people you know they dont talk non-sense. Critical thinkers are most welcome. Those who talk nonsenese can BLAH lah haha :P so..... PLease don simply invite ok... THINK CRITCALLY before u invite, ok people~!!!

Harwina said...

Dr Carmen,
Personally , i would love if Dr Roy could join us because i agree to what KJ has said, she gives fantastic views and apart from you, Dr Roy always looks at issues fr a different angle so i think we should include her..

J-Chee said...

Er er er... if open to public, meaning ppl from all around the world? ermm.. but we always include malay terms and all.. (esp me, coz my english sux!)can they understand? =,= just a thought hehehe...

ireneC said...

I think everyone will love to have Dr Roy to be a contributor here...
As for the open to public thing, perhaps it's a good idea too. Coz we will be aware of there are people reading what we are posting up here, haha... just like the socratic circle.
Therefore, we will think critically before we 'tembak' straight away. =)

Carmen N said...

Okie. Dr Roy has already been invited... we await her comments.

And yes, we will think critically before inviting people but it is hard to say for sure who will be critical or not until we see their posts so... let them write first and then we can boot them out later.. hahaha...

So... don't be shocked if one of you gets the boot! HAHAHAHHA... sorry... couldn't resist!

Rest assured, I will warn you before you get the boot... ;-)